Our Church is currently involved in the following mission activities:

Whitechapel Mission

Our support for the Whitechapel Mission in its care for the homeless includes the regular provision of clothes, food and toiletries, but particularly in our breakfast time working sessions. Every fortnight we provide a team of five to travel to the East End of London by 6 a.m. to prepare, cook, and serve, usually, around 150 full breakfasts. On completion the tables and floors are cleaned and left ready for the next activity.

Our resource is of about twenty volunteers from those associated with the church but we are particularly pleased that the initiative has attracted ten further volunteers from the local community.

Based in Whitechapel Road in the East End of London, Whitechapel Mission has been a centre for the City’s homeless since 1876. Whitechapel cares for the poor and homeless of London regardless of race, religion or nationality, in their struggle against hunger, poverty, disease, prejudice and exclusion.
For more details on the Whitechapel Mission click here.


Petts Wood Playgroup for Children with Special Needs

Founded by our Church this group continues to be supported by members of our Church and Christ Church URC (also in Petts Wood) where the Playgroup is based.


Financial Support

Each year the Mission Committee of the Church allocate funds to support a number of charities. These have included World Mission, All We Can, Mission in Britain, London Mission Committee, Methodist Homes for the Aged, Camphill Homes, World Emergency Relief, and the Whitechapel Mission (among others).